#001: Psychology of Sales


From Simon Sinek and Robert Cialdini to Amanda Palmer and Gary Vaynerchuk, this session discusses the principles of influence that can and should be used in your sales and marketing.

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#002: Brand Creation


A great brand starts with a great name, clear, concise mission statement, and a simple, creative one color vector logo… Great brands are functional, unique, creative, and timeless.

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#003: Effective Websites


Is your website just a digital brochure, or a 24/7 Sales Rep? An effective website must load quickly, have clear messaging, communicate to a target audience, and call users to action.

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#004: Shopping Carts


There are many options when it comes to Shopping Carts, from full content management systems to open source software. But what is the difference and which one is right for each application?

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#005: Email Marketing


Email marketing is dead… Except that it isn’t. Statistics show that a properly designed email marketing campaign is far more effective that any social media campaign. And numbers don’t lie…

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#006: Social Networking


What is the difference between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, SnapChat, Vine, YouTube, & Tumbler? Which one has the greatest ROI? What is the target demographic of each one?

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#007: Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization is extremely complicated and can be incredibly expensive if you’re not working with the right partners. Here are some tips to take care of basics.

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#008: Crowd Funding


Crowdfunding can be a great way to both test the market conditions for your product as well as raise the capital necessary to fund your product! But which crowdfunding site should you use? Kickstarter, Ingiegogo, GoFundMe, etc?

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#009: Video Marketing


Leveraging video in your marketing efforts could make all the difference. Whether your an electrician or selling razor blades, there are many different ways that video marketing can work to boost your brand and increase revenue.

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#010: Print Collateral


Print collateral is dead. Except for business cards, sales sheets, yard signs, billboards, banners, window decals, car magnets, flags, and retractable marquees. Other than these, print collateral is dead.

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